How to get to Mora in Dalarna

By car
It's easy to get to Mora by car. Mora is situated on the north shore of Lake Siljan and you will find Mora Hotell & Spa right in the middle of town, 50 m from the shore of Lake Siljan, right by the church and the finishing line for the famous Vasaloppet skii race.

By train
It takes about 4 hours from Stockholm. There are several trains on weekdays and during the weekend.
There are two train stations in Mora. SJ (Swedish Rail) stops at Mora Station and Tågkompaniet stops at Mora Strand, 50 m from the hotel.

By Plane
Mora Airport is situated 10 km from the hotel. Easily accesible by taxi, avaliable on 0250-15000

By the old Inland Railway
During the summer months you can take the old fashioned Inland Railway and enjoy extraordinary beautiful scenery from Mora all the way up to Gällivare in the very north of Sweden. 

By bus
There are busses (Swebus and MasExpressen) daily between Stockholm and Mora, the trip takes 4.5 hours.
Mora bus station is located about 300 meters from the hotel.
Busses also stop across the street from the hotel
Best Western Mora Hotell & Spa
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